Large removals and packing

At MD Removals and Storage we have a diverse fleet of vehicles allowing us to undertake larger moves, but also the ability to cope with access issues if smaller vehicles are required.

Ultimately, with larger house moves it is all about maintaining a standard of care and expertise. Not trying to achieve unrealistic time scales and over manning the move bringing chaos and confusion.

Just contact us at 044 (0) 1932 482 907 or ask for details or a free quote and our surveyor will discuss your moving or large items transportation requirements, number of van(s) required and your needs and expectations. Upon this basis we will be able to plan a moving schedule.

This will normally be suggesting on the day(s) prior to the vacation of your current home.


Packing and loading out non-essential effects. I.e. loft contents, spare bedrooms, garage and shed contents, and garden contents (although in some cases the plants will need to go direct on the main move day). Our teams can also help with furniture assembly and /or disassembly, bulk items loading and unloading and packing.

Moving House Checklist

Two - four weeks beforehand
Three weeks beforehand
Three days beforehand

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